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Thousands Brave Heat For One Last Clinton Rally

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

Washington- Thousands of Hillary Clinton supporters braved the 90 degree temperature to make their way into the auditorium where Clinton will officially suspend her 17 month bid for the White House.

The three tiered room is packed with supporters who peer over balconies awaiting Clinton to arrive. The podium where she will speak is at the center of the large auditorium accompanied by 3 American flags on each side. Larger American flags are draped throughout the room.

Clinton's staff seem in good spirits, many of them happy to go back to a normal life. One senior advisor admitted to being "a little disappointed" at the outcome.

Senator Clinton is expected to suspend her campaign and endorse Senator Obama at the event. She will "suspend" her campaign rather than end it because it allows her to continue to raise money to cover her campaign debt, which is in the neighborhood of 20-30 million dollars, said the aide.

The room is crowded with hundreds of reporters from all over the world, everywhere from Japanese television to German news.

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