This Week: Wait A Minute!

nicole richie high school musical zac efron paris hilton
If you sometimes feel that events are moving so fast it makes your head spin, just consider some of this week's top stories in The Showbuzz world.

Nicole Richie was released from a Los Angeles area jail, having served a grueling 82 minutes of a 90-hour sentence for driving under the influence of drugs. That'll teach her.

Photos: Richie's Court Date
Next to face the full majesty of the law: Lindsay Lohan agreed to spend one day in jail, serve 10 days of community service and complete a drug treatment program after copping a plea on misdemeanor drunken driving and cocaine charges. "I broke the law and today I took responsibility by pleading guilty to the charges in my case," she said, probably very solemnly, but she said it through her publicist so we're not sure.

Rapper Foxy Brown must be hoping for a similar deal from a New York judge. She's cooling her heels in jail after her probation was revoked. It seems she didn't show up for anger management classes that were deemed necessary lest she be moved to smack another neighbor with her cell phone.

Photos: Celebrity Mug Shots
On an upbeat note, "High School Musical 2" turned into an overnight sensation, literally, for both cable television and the music industry. The Disney Channel sequel featuring a hunky basketball star, a beautiful brainiac, and a lot of splashy musical numbers shattered records in its debut last weekend. And the soundtrack shot to the top of the Billboard charts in just one week.

Another head-spinning event was the debut of the much-hyped "Anchorwoman," a reality show following Lauren Jones' stint as a news anchor for a Texas TV station. Fox cancelled the show immediately after Wednesday's debut episode, when nobody but nobody fell for the hype.

Paris Hilton's latest brush with the law went by so fast it didn't even happen. Days before jury selection was to begin, she settled a slander suit brought against her by diamond heiress Zeta Graff. Graff says Hilton was spreading nasty rumors about her.

And here's one more event that went by so fast you might have missed it: this week. The author whose only book was the Pulitzer Prize-winning "To Kill A Mockingbird" was being kidded about her lack of chattiness at a literary event in her home state of Alabama. And then, after about 47 years of silence, Harper Lee spoke. "Well, it's better to be silent than to be a fool," Lee said.

Amen to that.