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Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters on music after Kurt Cobain

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First boys rescued from Thai cave

SUNDAY JOURNAL: First boys rescued from Thai cave (Video)
A dangerous diving operation is under way right now in Chiang Rai province, Thailand, to rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach from a flooded maze of caves where they've been trapped for two weeks. The head of the rescue operation says today is "D-Day." Ben Tracy has the latest on the team of 18 expert divers now guiding the boys and their coach to safety.

Susan Cain on introverts and the "Quiet Revolution"

COVER STORY: Introverts and the making of a "Quiet Revolution" | Watch Full Video
Susan Cain, author of the bestseller "QUIET: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking," is leading a "Quiet Revolution," debunking myths about those who are quiet, compared to outgoing extroverts who appear to have all the advantages in today's "culture of personality." Faith Salie talks with Cain, and with a couple – one an introvert, one very much an extrovert, opposites who were definitely attracted.

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Almanac: Gen. Douglas MacArthur

ALMANAC: Gen. Douglas MacArthur | Watch Video
On July 8, 1950, President Truman named General Douglas MacArthur the commander of U.S. and other forces in Korea.

New York Times Bestsellers - Non-Fiction

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Civil War witness trees

CIVIL WAR: Rooted in history: Gettysburg's "Witness Trees" | Watch Video
For three days in July, 1863, two great armies collided on the fields at Gettysburg. It remains the bloodiest battle in U.S. history. And improbably, 155 years later, there are still living witnesses to that moment in time: The trees.  Across 6,000 acres of Gettysburg National Military Park, rangers have documented at least a dozen "witness trees" that were alive during the battle – some scarred by bullets and cannonballs – that uniquely bring America's bloody past into the present. Mark Strassmann reports.

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 New York Times Bestsellers - Fiction

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Louie Anderson: "Christine Baskets is Everywoman"

TELEVISION: Louie Anderson: Playing a woman is a tribute to my mom | Watch Full Video
The comedian and Emmy-winning actor talks about the influence his late mother has had on his comedy act and the role he plays (a mother) on "Baskets." Lee Cowan reports.

READ A BOOK EXCERPT: "Hey Mom" by Louie Anderson

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Farming the land, in a national park

A TASTE OF SUMMER: Cultivating the perfect park experience | Watch Video
Long before the land became a national park, Ohio's Cuyahoga Valley was home to hundreds of family farms. Today, farms are thriving here again. The park developed a plan to lease its farm properties to entrepreneurs. Today, locals come to fill up on baskets of produce, and restaurants like Cleveland's Spice Kitchen use the park's land as a source for its farm-to-table menu. Conor Knighton reports.

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Going the extra length

HARTMAN: Going the extra length (Video)
The swim coach of Seguin High School in Arlington, Texas, says you can't overstate the underachievement of his school's swim team; he measures success by his athletes not getting disqualified. So when Gerald Hodges – a pretty-good athlete who couldn't swim – joined up, it was because he couldn't bear not being good at something. Steve Hartman talked with Hodges about how he was able to measure success in the final lap.

Michael J. Fox: Parkinson's "sucks"

SUNDAY PROFILE: Michael J. Fox: Working towards cure for Parkinson's cure "one of the great gifts of my life" | Watch Full Video
Actor Michael J. Fox is known to millions for the "Back to the Future" films and the TV series "Family Ties" and "Spin City." But for the past two decades it's been his battle with Parkinson's disease, and his search for a cure, that may have generated the most attention. Looking back, he tells anchor Jane Pauley that sharing his battle publicly and joining with others to raise money has been "one of the great gifts of my life." He has launched an online study to help researchers develop new therapies for the disease. (This story was originally broadcast on October 29, 2017.)

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Michael J. Fox on helping those with Parkinson's
Jane Pauley talks with actor Michael J. Fox about how he used his celebrity and his public stance about his diagnosis of Parkinson's to help others with the condition.

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Random acts of kindness: Keeping airline seats in the upright position

COMMENTARY: Reclining airline seats – brace for impact! | Watch Video
Contributor Luke Burbank reports on a travel headache (or knee-ache, if you will).  

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Dave Grohl: "I went through a really dark period" following Kurt Cobain's death

MUSIC:  Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters: "I love music, and I love life" | Watch Full Video
Forty-nine-year-old Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl will go to any extreme, and won't let a little thing like a broken leg and dislocated ankle - suffered during a stage fall in Sweden - get in the way. The former drummer of the grunge band Nirvana talks with correspondent Anthony Mason about reentering music following the suicide of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Mason also talks with Grohl's Foo Fighters bandmates (including Pat Smear, a touring guitarist for NIrvana) about keeping rock's flame burning. 

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Dave Grohl on family first
Dave Grohl, founder of Foo Fighters, talks with Anthony Mason about what takes precedence over performing.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Dave Grohl on music and healing
Former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl talks with Anthony Mason about how he returned to music following the death of friend and bandmate Kurt Cobain, to record what would be the first Foo Fighters album. 

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Dave Grohl on his singing voice
The frontman of Foo Fighters regrets that he doesn't have the singing voice of a John Lennon or an Adele, but as Dave Grohl tells Anthony Mason, he's fine with being able to exude the raw passion of "dissident, noisy, crazy punk rock."

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Update on Thai cave rescue

Nature: Oregon's Painted Hills

NATURE: Oregon's Painted Hills (Video)
We leave you this Sunday Morning in the vast and colorful Painted Hills not far from Mitchell, Oregon. Videographer: Mike Griffith.


Calendar: Week of July 9

CALENDAR: Week of July 9 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Lee Cowan reports.  

A cowbird fledgling is tended to by its adoptive parent, a yellow rumped warbler.

NATURE UP CLOSE: Reproductive freeloaders
Brown-headed cowbirds, which follow migrating bison herds, have evolved a tricky way to raise their young: fool other species of birds into doing it for them.

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