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Mapping the genome of redwoods | Watch Video
They are among the oldest living things on the planet: old growth redwoods, only a few of which remain. Now, scientists are trying to bring these majestic trees back. Correspondent Lee Cowan visits California's Big Basin Redwoods State Park to report on a movement to map the genome of the coast redwood tree and its relative, the giant sequoia, in order to restore old-growth forests.

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 The launch of Zip Codes (Video)
July 1, 1963 was a red-letter day for the U.S. Post Office, for it marked the introduction of its Zoning Improvement Plan - ZIP for short. Jane Pauley reports. 

 The Billboard Hot 100
"Sunday Morning" looks at this week's top hits. 

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A beer tray featuring the character Chief Gansett, created by Dr. Seuss in the 1940s to advertise the Narragansett Brewing Company. Photo By Carly Brunault/National Museum of the American Indian

ART: How the first Americans became iconic symbols (Video)
Ever since the United States was founded, the names and images of Native Americans – the first Americans – have served as the iconic symbols, brand names and mascots found on consumer goods and throughout popular culture and sports. Rita Braver visits an exhibition at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C., that looks at the history of appropriating Native American culture for advertising and marketing purposes.

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  • "Americans" at the National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, D.C.
  • Catalogue: "Americans" by Cécile R. Ganteaume (University of Minnesota Press)
Actress and advocate Cynthia Nixon is running of Governor of New York.  CBS News

SUNDAY PROFILE: Cynthia Nixon on running for office: "People can have a lot of careers in their life" | Watch Video
You remember her from "Sex and the City." Now, Cynthia Nixon is running for Governor of New York. Erin Moriarty catches up with the actress-turned-politician.

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The Capital Gazette (Video)
It's been a weekend of mourning in Annapolis, Md., where five staffers of The Capital Gazette newspaper were slain. Jane Pauley reports.

Ketchup - the ubiquitous condiment that seems to go with everything. CBS News

A TASTE OF SUMMER: Ketchup, a sweet and sour love story | Watch Video
There's a lot you don't know about ketchup. Luke Burbank fills you in on the perfect 4th of July condiment. (Originally broadcast November 19, 2017.)

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Second chance at love (Video)
Jeff and Angela are in that getting-to-know-you stage of their relationship. But unlike most couples going through this discovery period, Jeff and Angela Hartung are married – and have been for the past 18 years. Steve Hartman reports on how a traumatic brain injury has erased much of a shared memory and led to a revived courtship.

John Mellencamp with "Sunday Morning" anchor Jane Pauley. CBS News

SUNDAY PROFILE: John Mellencamp: Life goes on | Watch Video
Jane Pauley profiles rocker and fellow Hoosier John Mellencamp, who explains why he is driven to make music and paint portraits. (This story was originally broadcast on July 2, 2017.)

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Read an extended transcript of Jane Pauley's interview with John Mellencamp

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: John Mellencamp on panic attacks and creativity
The singer-songwriter talks to Jane Pauley about how he has suffered throughout his life, to varying degrees, from panic attacks. He also discusses creativity, from his painting, to how his gift for songwriting has evolved over time.

To watch the music video of John Mellencamp's "Grandview" (featuring Martina McBride), from his most recent album, "Sad Clowns & Hillbillies," click on the video player below. 

John Mellencamp - Grandview ft. Martina McBride by JohnMellencampVEVO on YouTube

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OPINION: Jim Gaffigan on that other Jim Gaffigan | Watch Video
The "Sunday Morning" contributor investigates a case of identity theft. 

The July Fourth holiday (Video)
As we head into Independence Day celebrations, Jane Pauley looks at some data on the holiday. 

David Edelstein's movie picks for July 4th week | Watch Video
Grab a bucket of popcorn – our movie critic has some advice for the holiday week.

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CALENDAR: Week of July 2 (Video)
From World UFO Day to Independence Day, "Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.       

 Eagles (Extended Video)
We leave you this Sunday Morning before the Fourth of July in Berks County, Pennsylvania, where our national bird, the eagle, flies free. 


 Joe Jackson | Watch Video
Through determination and stern discipline, the music promoter shaped his own children into the hit pop group "The Jackson 5" with his very young son Michael as the star. Jane Pauley reports.

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