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This Week: Family Matters

Sure, celebrities wear fabulous designer clothes, fly around in private jets, and hang out at all the best clubs and restaurants. But, money can't buy love - ask Sir Paul - and it certainly doesn't keep family problems from your door.

Headlines this week were crammed with rumored break-ups, ugly divorce battles, a controversial adoption, trouble with the IRS and a funeral. The bright spot, though, comes from a freckle-faced young star who looks ahead to the future.

The week kicked off with Vince Vaughn announcing that he's taking legal action against two British tabloids and the New York Post for printing a photo which suggested he cheated on actress Jennifer Aniston. Aniston, for her part, confirmed to Oprah Winfrey that she and Vaughn have not broken up. In other good news, Aniston shot down rumors that she's had breast implants and insisted she simply put on a couple of pounds.

The British tabloids after discovering he cheated on her with numerous women. A source close to Nemcova told The ShowBuzz, "I talked to Petra this morning, and she said they are very much together." Blunt called the rumors "laughable" and told the U.K.'s Daily Mail, "I'm a very lucky man to be with Petra and that's all I need to say."

The is not a rumor. Hilton's rep confirmed to Us Weekly that "They're no longer a couple." A Hilton pal told the magazine that the heiress "dumped" Connolly on Oct. 16 after she suspected he had cheated. The had been together for two years.

Whitney Houston officially filed for divorce from her husband Bobby Brown after a stormy 14-year marriage. Brown, meanwhile, made good on $11,000 worth of back child support payments he owed to Kim Ward, the mother of his two teenage kids. Brown had been threatened with arrest for missing a hearing on the matter, but since he's paid up, he's off the hook. For now.

During a farewell interview on "Dancing With The Stars" Tuesday, country star Sara Evans said that she had to leave the show to help her three small children cope with her divorce. Her husband denies her allegations of adultery and abuse.

The Paul McCartney and Heather Mills McCartney divorce battle took a turn down the road to ugly town this week. Mills allegedly leaked documents she filed in court accusing McCartney of using illegal drugs, drinking excessively and even attacking her with a broken wineglass in one incident. McCartney denied all the charges and vowed to fight it out in court.

Madonna got a lot of flak this week from human rights groups who accused her of circumventing the law to adopt a baby boy from Malawi. Speaking for the first time about the adoption, the pop star said in a statement that she hopes to make the arrangement permanent following an l8-month evaluation period imposed by Malawi authorities. She insisted that she acted according to the law.

The father of actress Michelle Williams faces extradition from Australia back to the United States on possible tax-evasion charges. The IRS wants to question Larry Williams about a possible $1.5 million in unpaid taxes. Williams has been cooling his heels down under since arriving there in May on a speaking tour.

The IRS also went after actor Wesley Snipes, saying he took $12 million in refunds by filing tax returns based on the bogus theory that only income from foreign sources is taxable. The actor could face a maximum of five years in prison for each of the charges.

Anna Nicole Smith finally buried her son Daniel on Thursday, several weeks after his death. The funeral took place in the Bahamas, where the mahogany casket holding Daniel's body was carried in a gold-colored hearse to the cemetery.

After all this tragedy, there was one young woman who hasn't lost her faith in love, marriage and family. Actress Lindsay Lohan tells InStyle magazine that by the time she's 30, she wants to be married, have her own home ... and win an Oscar.

By Judy Faber
By Judy Faber