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Are James Blunt And Petra History?

According to Britain's Daily Mail, supermodel Petra Nemcova broke up with "You're Beautiful" singer, James Blunt after she found that he cheated on her with numerous women in Ibiza.

The paper also reported that a vicious fight during London's Fashion week last month marked the beginning of the end. Blunt, the Daily Mail said, is trying to win Nemcova back.

A source close to the couple told The ShowBuzz Tuesday that Nemcova and Blunt are still dating. "I talked to Petra this morning, and she said they are very much together," the source said.

There were reports that Blunt, who hails from England, cheated on Nemcova, who has endured a traumatic few years. Blunt is Nemcova's first boyfriend since photographer Simon Atlee died when the two were vacationing in Thailand and were caught in the middle of the December 2004 tsunami.

Blunt told the U.K paper The Sun that speculations about philandering are laughable.

"I'm a very lucky man to be with Petra and that's all I need to say," he said.

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