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This Morning from CBS News: Sept. 5, 2014

ISIS loss?

As the NATO leaders meet in Wales, White House officials said a U.S. airstrike may have killed a top ISIS leader in Iraq, reports CBS News correspondent Major Garrett. President Obama huddled with European leaders and Jordan's King Abdullah about military moves against ISIS.

Too extreme

The brutal tactics of the ISIS are causing some Western jihadists -- who have become the crux of concern for officials in Washington and capital cities across Europe -- to abandon the war in Syria. One such jihadist tells CBS News correspondent Clarissa Ward he's convinced ISIS is "on the wrong path."

Staging ground

As ISIS has grown, it's used neighboring Turkey, a key U.S. ally, as its staging ground. For three years, reports CBS News correspondent Holly Williams, the Turkish government has allowed fighters to stream across its border into Syria, driven by its desire to topple Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.

Rivers passes

Joan Rivers, a pioneer for women in stand-up comedy and television, has died. She was 81. Rivers, a Brooklyn native, died in New York surrounded by family and friends. CBS News This Morning anchor Charlie Rose looks back at her life through his interviews with her.

Meningitis arrest

There has been an arrest in a story CBS News has long been investigating - one of the biggest pharmaceutical disasters ever. At least 751 people came down with meningitis and other infections and 64 died after getting tainted steroid injections. They were produced by a Boston compounding pharmacy - that's a pharmacy that makes custom drugs. Yesterday, a supervisor at that facility was arrested at Logan International Airport as he was about to leave the country for Hong Kong.

Senate battlegrounds

There are 36 Senate races to be decided on Election Day but only one-third of them are considered close enough for Republicans and Democrats to seriously worry about. And it's those races that will determine whether Republicans or Democrats control the Senate come January.

Making slackers

Many recent college graduates are struggling to become self-supporting adults, and their alma maters deserve some of the blame. Two researchers followed a thousand students from a wide cross-section of four-years schools. Their findings give a depressing view of higher education.

New treatment

For thousands of women each year, a diagnosis of breast cancer is followed by a lumpectomy and then a regimen of daily radiation treatments that lasts a month or even longer. However, new research suggests that getting radiation just once a week may be equally effective, while saving patients time and money.

Model revelation

Two decades ago, Amber Valetta was one of the world's most recognizable faces, but she was keeping a serious secret. And now she is going public with her first national TV interview.

Other options

Despite all the hype about the upcoming iPhone 6, which Apple is expected to unveil on Tuesday, there are plenty of other good smartphones on the market or coming soon. Some of them are bigger, cheaper and have special features that may appeal to different consumers.

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