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This Morning from CBS News, May 18, 2015

Waco shootout

Nine people are dead and at least 100 are in custody after a violent shootout in Waco, Texas. The gunfire erupted between rival armed motorcycle gangs and police in a restaurant Sunday afternoon. CBS News Correspondent Vicente Arenas reports more than 200 bikers from at least five outlaw motorcycle gangs had gathered at the restaurant for what was part recruiting event and part turf war.

Amtrak resumes

Amtrak service between New York City and Philadelphia, the busiest passenger line, is running again after a derailment killed eight people. It was shut down for five days after Amtrak 188 went off the tracks near a curve in Philadelphia. CBS News Correspondent Kris Van Cleave reports investigators are continuing their search for the cause of the accident.

Bullet theory

Robert Sumwalt, a member of the National Transportation Safety Board working on last week's Amtrak derailment, expressed skepticism that someone shot at the train before it came off the tracks last Tuesday night. "I'd like to downplay that part. I've now seen the fracture pattern. It looks like something about the size of a grapefruit, if you will. And it did not even penetrate the entire windshield," Sumwalt said in an interview on CBS News Face the Nation.

ISIS carnage

A spokesman for the governor of Iraq's Anbar province said today that about 500 people -- both civilians and Iraqi soldiers -- are estimated to have been killed over the past few days as the city of Ramadi fell ISIS. CBS News Correspondent Holly Williams reports the estimates follow a shocking defeat as ISIS seized control of the Anbar provincial capital on Sunday, sending Iraqi forces fleeing in a major loss despite the support of U.S.-led airstrikes targeting the extremists.

Child bombers

In its propaganda, ISIS uses gruesome videos of beheadings and mass executions, but on the battlefield, suicide bombers have become one of its most effective weapons. It's a tactic perfected by the Taliban and other terrorist networks who systematically recruit and train child suicide bombers in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And that's where 60 Minutes Correspondent Lara Logan went to learn how children, as young as seven years old, are being turned into human bombs, with devastating effect.

D.C. mansion murder

A multiple murder in Washington, D.C., is puzzling investigators and alarming local residents. The suspects killed a couple, their 10-year-old son and a family housekeeper inside the home, just a few blocks from the vice president's official residence, then set the house on fire. CBS News Correspondent Wyatt Andrews reports from the crime scene where there are clues but very few answers.

Expensive talk?

Since leaving her post as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton earned millions of dollars delivering 41 paid speeches in the U.S. to a variety of companies and organizations. CBS News Correspondent Julianna Goldman reports at least 10 of those groups have been lobbying Congress and federal agencies on trade, an issue that has divided Democrats as the Obama administration pushes for a 12-nation pacific trade deal - and around which Hillary Clinton has remained mum.

Reimagining healthcare

Even in the age of Snapchat and Periscope, if you want your doctor to examine your child's burned hand, you have to make a trip to the doctor's office. Meghan Conroy wants to change that. A former pharmaceutical executive, Conroy is trying to break down traditional barriers - time constraints and geographic distance, for example - to create a new connection between doctors and patients and in doing so, potentially foster a digital revolution within healthcare.

Natural comeback

Before Mount St. Helen's blew its top 35 years ago today, Spirit Lake was a popular tourist destination in Washington state, a place dotted with campsites where visitors came to enjoy its crystal clear waters that reached depths of 200 feet. It seemed as if one of the region's great natural landmarks - a lake by some accounts 4,000 years old - was gone forever. But nature had other ideas.

Social food

Like many other companies, Chili's has found that the Internet has made some new demands on companies. Promotion requires, in part, an understanding of how social media work and a willingness to change business as usual to please as many people as much of the time as possible, like making the food look as good on Instagram as possible.

Letterman countdown

Nearly 22 years after Bill Murray's memorable entrance as David Letterman's first guest on the Late Show here on CBS, Dave is counting down to his LAST broadcast this Wednesday Night. Visiting Dave this past week at the Ed Sullivan Theater was another Hoosier who worked with him way back home in Indiana, CBS News Sunday Morning's Jane Pauley.

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