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This Morning from CBS News, August 4, 2016


Donald Trump's behavior as a presidential candidate has been so unorthodox, it's given rise to conspiracy theories in an attempt to explain it. Is he a Clinton plant? A Russian agent? Here's everything you need to know about all the far-fetched speculation concerning Trump's self-inflicted wounds.

Growth story

Sales of bottled water are set to top those of soda for the first time, beverage industry data show. The big driver of that shift? Health concerns, as more and more consumers opt to bypass sugary drinks in favor of good 'ole H20. We look at how Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and other soda giants are increasingly relying on water sales to drive their growth.

Sigh of relief

American investigators are helping probe the fiery crash landing of an Emirates jet in Dubai yesterday. The Boeing 777 burst into flames after hitting an airport runway. All 300 people on board got out. See what lessons helped everyone escape in a timely manner.

Pay pioneer

In a move to reduce workplace gender pay discrimination, Massachusetts has passed a law that bars employers from asking job candidates how much they earned in their previous positions. And with other states potentially following suit, experts say the approach could be a boon for all workers.


The toughest obstacle for many new homeowners is getting enough money for a down payment, but lenders are offering some reasonable loan options requiring lower down payments. We explore mortgage options for first-time homebuyers who have a limited amount to pay up front.

Good instead of...

An international gathering of hackers in Las Vegas is aiding companies and organizations seeking to tighten their cyber security. At the 19th annual Black Hat conference, an estimated 11,000 hackers from 108 countries are trying to solve the cyber security problems of the present and future.

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Science and Tech

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