Thief's pickup gets stuck in he calls for a tow

President Bush waits in his pickup truck for the arrival of Mexico's President Vicente Fox on his ranch in Crawford, Texas, Friday, March 5, 2004.
In this file photo provided by Ford Motor Co., the 1997 Ford F-150 pickup truck, is shown. U.S. safety regulators are investigating a fuel tank problem that could affect more than 2.7 million 1997-2001, Ford F-150 pickup trucks.
Police in Foxborough, Mass. say when a pickup truck similar to this one got stuck in the mud, a thief who was driving it called a towing company to get him unstuck.
file, AP Photo/Ford
(CBS/AP) FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - Some days it just doesn't pay to rob a house.

Police say a man who broke into a suburban Boston home in Foxborough, Mass. was making his getaway with a haul of stolen items in his pickup truck when he got stuck in the mud - and had to call a tow truck.

Chief Edward O'Leary says the man broke into the home on Tuesday, and loaded up his truck with two TV's, a camcorder, camera, jewelry, and more. But as he tried to get away, he backed off the driveway and onto ground softened by rain.

Oh, mudder.

Police say the thief tried rock salt, wood and even threw a rug under his tires to get traction, but nothing worked.

So he called for a tow.

Chief O'Leary told The Sun Chronicle newspaper the suspicious tow truck driver alerted police, who managed to trace the pickup truck to a man who had just been released from prison.

Police are still looking for him.