The Week That Was On The Web

No surprise that E. coli was one of the most popular search topics on the internet this week.

There was also a lot of on-line buzz over a possible mega-deal. That was the week that was on the Web.

The Wall Street Journal says Yahoo! is on the verge of buying The price-tag may be as high as a billion dollars. Why so much? It could be an advertising gold mine. Nearly 8 million high school and college students network with each other on Facebook.

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez could have a new career - as a book agent. During his anti-Bush rant at the U.N. this week, he urged Americans to read Noam Chomsky's three-year-old-book, "Hegemony or Survival." The book, which was at was 20,664 on Amazon suddenly shot up to number one.

And, honey, could you please close your door? Here's Igor Falecki. This little drummer boy is only four. But he's drawn 322,000 hits on YouTube. Paging Ringo!