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The Upside of Working Longer Hours

368511463_443b3b3b54_m.jpgPlenty of us are working longer and harder these days, either as a result of corporate belt-tightening or in an attempt to keep ourselves economically afloat. But don't despair, says Anita Bruzzese; there are some good things about toiling longer hours.

With tongue firmly in cheek, she offers a list of 10 benefits of burning the midnight oil. My favorite chucklers:

  • Your neighbors are dropping off meals at your house, thinking you died. (The tuna casserole was excellent.)
  • You won $5 from the cleaning lady who said no way would a sleeping bag fit under the desk. Way!
  • Living in the same suit for five days straight has really cut down on your dry cleaning bill.
Check out her full list on her blog at 45 Things. And enjoy your weekend!

(image by star5112 via Flickr, CC 2.0)