The Softer Side of Hillary

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

SHENANDOAH, IOWA -- Three weeks after terrible weather prevented Hillary Clinton's private plane from landing at an airstrip in Shenandoah, Iowa the campaign finally rescheduled. Senator Clinton took the stage to a standing ovation with a crowd of over 350 people packed inside the Shenandoah Fire Department. Clinton joked with the crowd saying she had no plans on flying this time, "we're not taking another chance."

Although Clinton kept mostly to her standard stump speech, a different side of Clinton emerged, one that perhaps has been paying attention to recent polls which show a majority of Iowans find her to be a calculating politician.

The former First Lady appealed to the audience at a very basic level, simply asking for them to vote for her.

"In the course of my time with you this evening, I hope I can say something or answer a question that would encourage you to look at my candidacy; to think about the qualifications and experience that I bring to this race and what I want to do as your president, the vision I have for this country we love. The plans, the policies the agenda that I put forth," Clinton said in a soft voice.

She began to tell of her early childhood, of her mother and her father. Clinton said, "You deserve to know why each of us believes that we should be able to earn your support on January 3rd. Well, I think it starts with knowing a little bit about me."

Clinton never mentioned any of her opponents by name during the nearly hour-ong speech, but it was clear she was referring to Barack Obama when she repeated her call that she is the candidate with the most experience.

"When I think about the challenges that our country will face, I think we need to fall back on those values that are tried and true and are tested."