Twitter users weigh in on viral visual debate

The Internet is going crazy over a photo of two bottles of nail-polish and a shoe. Twitter user @totallymendes posted the photo attached to a tweet on Wednesday. The question that caused the internet to freak out, "Which color matches the shoes the best?"

The photo, retweeted over 5,000 times and favorited over 6,000 times, has many users remembering the viral photo of #TheDress a few months ago when people couldn't seem to agree on whether the color of a dress was black and blue or white and gold.


Which color matches the shoe?

It seems, once again, no one can agree.

So far #TheShoe has been Tweeted about over 40,000 times. And people have lots of opinions on which color matches the shoe best. But most of all, people seem to be saying, "Not again."

So which color nail polish do you think best matches #TheShoe? Vote in our poll to weigh in.