The Shame of Srebrenica

In 1999, Bob Simon went back to the scene of the massacre and then to Holland to speak with the Dutch soldiers who stood by and watched as it happened

Bob Simon CBS News

Every week, 60 Minutes Overtime posts classic stories from the archives of 60 Minutes. This week, we pulled the tape of "The Shame of Srebrenica," just one of the many memorable 60 Minutes stories reported by correspondent Bob Simon. Simon died Wednesday at the age of 73.

This is how Randall Joyce, the producer who worked with Simon on this report, remembers Bob:

Everyone who worked with Bob Simon overseas has memories of him walking toward scenes of violence, locations of incredible danger, which everyone else was running away from. Bob was always looking for trouble-- not because he wanted bragging rights but because he wanted to know what was happening to people on the ground and to be able to tell the world who was responsible for it. He never had much use for physical courage. He knew that it's a short walk from Brave to Crazy and then just inches to Stupid. He valued moral courage above all else: the one person who takes a great risk to do the right thing even though the whole world seems to be against him.

Bob had covered the wars in the Balkans during the worst of the fighting, but when the guns fell silent, he didn't lose interest. In 1999 we went back to Srebrenica, the scene of the worst mass murder in Europe since World War II, to speak to a man who had lived through that nightmare. Then we traveled to Holland to interview the Dutch Peacekeepers who, by their own admission, had faced a great moral challenge and failed.