The phonetics behind "annoying teenage sounds"

(CBS News) While we could goof off all day with animal anticsmusic and more, sometimes we need to throw in some learning here on The Feed. (Ugh! Seriously? Ohmahgawd!) Before you freak out, that doesn't mean we stop having fun. Watch, get your learn on and laugh with the lecture and demonstration above on the phonetics of "annoying sounds teenagers make."

The "spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" approach to learning (and actually quite educational clip) was posted by linguist James Harbeck who writes:

This is what linguistics was invented for: so we could give precise phonetic descriptions of those rude sounds adolescents make.
Absolutely love the description there, James. Whatever sound teenagers make that is the opposite of being annoyed (I can't recall if "joy" is an option during that time period) would be the one I'm making right now to express my reaction to the video. The piece is actually a supplement to an article Harbeck recently wrote for The Week, that you can read by clicking here. And to check out more work by James Harbeck, be sure to visit his YouTube page by clicking here.