The People vs. Larry Flynt

Jury selection was set to continue in Cincinnati Wednesday, but publisher Larry Flynt has ended his trial abruptly by pleading guilty.

In a plea-bargain arrangement, Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine, pleaded guilty to two counts of pandering obscenity and was fined $10,000.

The case stemmed from charges that Flynt's downtown store sold a sexually explicit video to a 14-year-old boy.

CBS News Correspondent Drew Levinson reports that potential jurors had been warned they may have had to watch up to 40 hours of sexually explicit material. Ten objected and were dismissed.

The list was pared from 47 Tuesday for various reasons.

One woman said she wouldn't be able to look at the pornography videos jurors are expected to spend a week watching. Another woman said she might close her eyes.

Before the plea, prosecutor Mike Allen said, "I don't see this as a case about the First Amendment. The First Amendment does not protect obscenity, and that's what this case is about."

Flynt disagreed saying, "I think the culture has changed somewhat. People are much more aware of their individual rights and civil liberties and what they really mean to them."