The nor'easter after Hurricane Sandy

Belle Harbor had just been devastated by Hurricane Sandy when it was hit by a powerful nor'easter. One 60 Minutes staffer was there

Murphy's Law never seemed more true than when the weather forecast began warning of a nor'easter coming to the East Coast on the tail of Hurricane Sandy.

Already, disastrous weather had caused fatalities, homelessness and a massive power outage. Gas was scarce, public transit a nightmare, and towns like Belle Harbor, N.Y. -- a tight-knit community visited by Scott Pelley for a report on 60 Minutes this week -- were suffering great loss and ruin. The nor'easter was headed toward people who could not afford the freezing temperature and bone-chilling wind it promised.

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Dan Ruetenik, a producer on Pelley's team, spent the night in Belle Harbor to witness the unlucky hand Mother Nature dealt the coastal community. Ruetenik describes to 60 Minutes Overtime, video above, what he calls a "nightmare vision": a family with a baby waiting for a bus to evacuate the miserable conditions. At that moment, it was uncertain whether their ride would ever come.

"When you hear someone say they lost everything. They really did lose everything," said Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson, a producer on the Belle Harbor team. But even in dire conditions, Laguerre-Wilkinson was impressed with the community's spirit and generosity, giving her faith in Belle Harbor's ability to rebuild.