"The Mustache": The perils of playing with facial hair

(CBS News) It's all fun and games until someone comes out looking like Hitler. That's the moral of this mini-movie by Israeli director Michael Mevorach. Entitled, "The Mustache," this short YouTube film about a man who has a little too much fun while shaving his beard off for a date is sure to make you laugh. Watch the video above, posted on Mevorach's YouTube page, and see what happens when facial grooming goes horribly wrong in the best way possible.

He shaves his beard to look like Wolverine and other well-known characters, but eventually gets stuck on a very bad person in history when his electric razor stops working and he's stuck with a very inappropriate and infamous mustache. What's funniest is when he is running around his apartment trying to find ways to remove his remaining hair (and no, fire, is not the way to go). Though all ends well when he turns pure evil into pure comedy, and his date, who had been fuming at his tardiness, can't help but smile. And so will you.