​The longest-married couple tells all

FOREVER YOURS is the sentiment behind every wedding vow. And they're the words that have guided one of the very-longest-wedded couples in our land. Lee Cowan has their story:

Behind every great man is a greater woman, so the saying goes. But these days, it's Dale who's the engine behind Alice's wheelchair.

The Rockeys are each 99 years old. They met, as kids, just after the turn of the last century, in the small town of Hemingford, Nebraska.

"I didn't pay much attention to him, really."

Did he pay attention to her? "Not especially," replied Dale.

Alice and Dale's graduation pictures. Family photos

But by the time high school rolled around -- Dale looking suave, and Alice the picture of loveliness -- things had changed a bit.

So, what did they do on their first date?

"Went out on the hill and parked and looked at the town," said Alice.

"You went and parked on your first date?" Cowan asked.

"Oh, yes!" she laughed.

Alice was a good Catholic girl, so no kissing-and-telling here. Suffice it to say that, as soon as Dale turned 18, he popped the question.

How did he propose? "I asked her if she had any money!" he laughed.

They were married December 29th, 1933 -- a Friday to be exact.

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were appearing in their first movie together. FDR was in his first term as President, and Prohibition was just winding down.

Cowan asked, "Had Prohibition been repealed in time for you guys to go buy a bottle of champagne somewhere?"

"We couldn't afford that!" she laughed.

"Maybe a bottle of pop!" Dale added.

By 1958. Dale and Alice were already toasting 25 years together. They were still laughing after 40 years, in 1973.

Dale and Alice Rockey in 1958, and 1973. Family photos

"Pretty good looking couple," he said, looking at photos.

They've now made it 81 years, married longer than any couple they know.

So, is there a secret to how they've stayed together so long?

"Uh huh," said Alice. "I've always let him have my way!"

It's such an achievement, the faith-based group Worldwide Marriage Encounter crowned the Rockeys the Longest Married Couple of 2015.