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The Jokester: James Carville Hits McCain For His Age, Selection Of Palin

If politics doesn't work out, James Carville, the Rajun' Cajun who made Bill Clinton, could have a career in comedy. Our Suzi Parker attended his one-liner-thon this week at Little Rock's Philander Smith College. It's a popular spot for all sorts of speakers ranging from the Rev. Al Sharpton to Ann Coulter. Instead of writing a story sprinkled with his one-liners, here they are as Suzi filed them:

--"Ann Coulter made history. She was the first speaker to arrive on a broom."

--On the school's founding in 1877: "That's was only 10 years before John McCain was born."

--On the Sarah Palin-Charles Gibson interview: "Charlie Gibson spent more time interviewing her than John McCain did."

--On Fred Thompson, Carville said he was the only presidential candidate in history "who tested positive for Ambien."

--Also on Thompson, Carville said that he was such a supporter of the No Child Left Behind program that "he married one."

--And he tied John McCain's age to those campaign ads about making decisions at 3 a.m. "I know darn good what John McCain will be doing at 3 in the morning. He's looking for the bathroom."

By Paul Bedard

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