"The Jewish Hunger Games: Kvetching Fire" parody trailer

(CBS News) This hilarious parody trailer follows Katniss Everstein (Renee Roth) as she battles the many temptations that stand in her way on Yom Kippur. Posted over the weekend, this clip maybe gave the stomach-rumbling some experienced Saturday while fasting in observance of this atonement-based holiday a little something to laugh about. As a "Hunger Games" fan, it certainly made me chuckle. Check out the YouTube video above posted by comedian Jon Rudnitsky, and be thankful it's Monday for once!

The details in the video are what make it so great. From the spot-on moments from the film to the difficulty of not eating for 24 hours (Goldfish anyone?), to the final sprint to the finish line of bagels with lox and cream cheese. Rudnitsky and his partners at Zenn Films certainly know how to create a great spoof. And remember, "May the lox be forever in your flavor." Hysterical.