The Hummer Bander

They call her the hummingbird lady: her real name is Sarah Driver, of the Missouri Ozarks. She follows in the footsteps of her great uncle, known as the hummingbird man of Hollister (Missouri). He was licensed to band hummers in the 60's and she helped him. That's what sparked her interest. Now, she is only one of 42 people in the country licensed to trap and tag hummingbirds. Driver has tagged more than one thousand so far.
News About Animals

Each hummingbird she catches gets a numbered tag. The birds are so tiny and delicate, Driver said she was afraid at first; but the information she gathers is helping us learn more about this unique creature. It is supplied to the US Fish & Wildlife Service. For example, data is gathered about the sex of the bird, and where it was banded. That way, the government can track where the bird goes and how long it lives. Driver hopes her efforts will help us learn more about the tiniest bird in the sky.

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