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"The Harlem Shake" phenomenon keeps going strong (with grandmas and military)

(CBS News)  So your blogger here was out sick for a few days. No, no, thank you so much for the offer of chicken noodle soup and a warm blanket, but I'm feeling much better now. Getting back on track, coming off of both being sick and the weekend, I wondered if "The Harlem Shake" was still in full effect on the Internet after posting about it last week? The answer: Yup, still going strong. Don't believe me? Then watch two grandmas reinforce the point with our first video above.

I have to say, it just reinforces my premise that "The Harlem Shake" can bring families together (though it in the form of father-son bonding last time). The generational divide bridged through cultural phenomenon clip was posted by YouTube user Hank Rao who writes about it:

My two grandmas attempt to do their version of the Harlem Shake

And because I was out, I'm adding in this late item to the mix showing even the military jumping on to "The Harlem Shake" bandwagon. Watch a unit of the Army in Norway give the phenomenon its due in this crazy clip from YouTube user Kenneth Haakonsen below.

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