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The first full "Jurassic World" trailer is here

First we got a 20-second teaser, and now the first full trailer for "Jurassic World" has officially arrived.

The film is a modern addition to Steven Spielberg's original trilogy, starring Chris Pratt and directed by Colin Trevorrow, who helmed the terrific "Safety Not Guaranteed" in 2012.

In the trailer, we watch as guests pour into the idyllic theme park and marvel at its many attractions. There's canoeing with dinosaurs, "gyrosphere" rides with dinosaurs, and a sublime Sea World-esque experience that involves a shark being used as bait for a, um, much larger creature.

Maybe the success stars going to scientists' heads because when they create the first genetically mutated dinosaur, things start to get a little complicated.

"Jurassic World" hits theaters June 12, 2015. Enjoy the trailer below:

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