"The Five-year Engagement:" Reviews are in

Tom (JASON SEGEL) and Violet (EMILY BLUNT) keep getting tripped up on the long walk down the aisle in "The Five-Year Engagement", the new irreverent comedy that reteams the director and writer/star of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Glen Wilson/Universal
Jason Segel and Emily Blunt in "The Five-Year Engagement."
Glen Wilson/Universal

(CBS News) "The Five-Year Engagement," the new romantic comedy starring Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, hits theaters today.

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The film follows Violet Barnes (Blunt), a smart psychology graduate student, and Tom Solomon (Segel), a sous chef at an upscale San Francisco restaurant. 

Unlike most romantic comedies, this film starts with the couple getting engaged, but trouble ensues when Violet gets accepted into her dream program at University of Michigan. Tom is forced to move to Michigan and their wedding plans keep getting postponed.

Critics have given the film, co-written by Segel and produced by Judd Apatow, fairly mixed reviews. Here's what some of them had to say:

"I liked 'The Five-Year Engagement,' and then I didn't, and then I did - which seems just about right for a movie dedicated to examining how even the purest affections can be fatally derailed," Washington Post critic Ann Hornday.

"'The Five-Year Engagement' becomes two things: an accurate reflection of a new generation of postponement-prone 30-somethings, and a rather uninteresting story," Newsday critic Rafer Guzman.

" 'The Five-Year Engagement' is far more relatable than your typical Apatow man-boy fable - Violet is much more than just a fantasy prop for the romantic Tom," says New York Post critic Lou Lumenick.

"But much of the humor, as well as the disappointment and anxiety that shadow the laughs, arises from thwarted attempts at kindness. The result -- not to spoil anything -- is a very nice movie," says New York Times critic A.O. Scott.

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