The Feed's Supplemental Friday Music Round-Up ("No edition" edition)

(CBS News) There's a whisper in the air of your prematurely empty office building; a hum of barely repressed excitement as coworkers duck their heads and slink sideways through the exit at 4:50 p.m. like they're dodging the check at a fancy restaurant. You just smiled for the first time in five days, and you hear the voice of a robot angel singing gently in your ear, "Yesterday was Thursday." That's right ghost of Rebecca Black, it's Friday! (Editor's Note: Rebecca Black is still alive and not trapped between the worlds of the living and dead haunting readers of The Feed. Stop saying things like that.). Welcome to The Feed's Supplemental Friday Music Round-Up, "no edition" edition (because I don't believe in labels), which is here to help you kick off the weekend with three whole music videos.

Our first item is a brand new music video for The Heavy song "Curse Me," shot in post-modern Instagram style with all your favorite filters like Willow, Sierra, Earlybird, There's a Smudge on My Lens and more! I seriously love this band, and this song which raises the pertinent question, "Do you kiss your mother with a mouth like that?" I should hope not, sir or madam. I should hope not.

Our next video is one of the most amazing covers I've ever heard. I was about half way through before I realized this wasn't a Jason Mraz song, but actually an acoustic version of Eminem's "Lose Yourself," sung by Joel Ansett, who I hope goes on to eventually cover every song ever made. The video does raise some major questions for me, however, which are: Why is he in that alley? What does it mean? Is it a metaphor? Where does the alley lead? Is it infinite? Because I can't see an end to it. It's driving me insane. I need to know.

Our last video today is a parody of forever young superstar Taylor Swift's song "22," produced by Fuse and performed by Elaine Moran. This one's called "32" and it may hit a little closer to home for those of us who felt left out by the carefree pool parties and beach parties and mansion parties and ironic glasses wearing parties of the Swift version. (If you didn't feel left out, congratulations. Your life is awesome!). Sample quote: "It feels like one of those days, where I'll just go to work. That's probably all." Sounds about right.

That's all for this week's Supplemental Friday Music Round-Up, have a good weekend and as always be sure to check out the regular Friday Music Round-Up here.