The Feed's Friday Music Round-Up: Girl power edition

(CBS News) Friday means music here at The Feed. It's a really wonderful given each week. But this particular one also happens to be a major birthday milestone for my younger sister, Allison. So in honor of her special day, I'm going to dedicate this Friday Music Round-Up to her and go with a theme of "girl power", starting with a band that aptly has half of that empowering phrase in their name. I'm, of course, speaking about the one, the only: Cat Power! (This is where you click play to take in the epic awesome that is their brand-new music video for "Manhattan" above.)

I've been listening to and loving Cat Power for well-over a decade now (I'm dating myself a bit), and they continue to innovate, evolve and outdo themselves on each successive record. With a soulful sound and beat that moves, their latest has completely blown your blogger here away. 

Up next, we have a lesser-known (but definitely not for long!) musician making a powerful opening declaration to the music-loving-world with this new video off of her debut album. If you were feeling bad at all today, get ready to stop and start feeling alright with Laura Mvula's music video for the song "That's Alright" holding our second spot. Spoiler: it's way more than just "alright," I promise.

The request item this week is going to be our one departure from "girl power." But that doesn't mean you're not going to end up loving, just it like I did. With a visual style that speaks to a digital era and a sound that hooks you hard from the start, this new music video for the song "Messages" by Dillon Francis (and featuring Simon Lord) below is a musical message you don't want to miss.

For our focus on aesthetics and auditory stylings, we're going a tad dark and surreal. Think Dali. Think David Lynch. Think "Where The Wild Things Are". Now think about the high-criteria we have for our musical tastes here at The Feed, and realize you're in for quite a trip of sights and sounds. Click play to experience (the only word that fits!) this music video starring singer Natasha Khan, and directed by Peter Sluszka, for the song "Lilies" by Bat For Lashes below.

Finally, we end with something that screams (err, actually, bangs) "girl power" from the moment the nunchucks hit the drums. Oops, I've already said too much! Look, just go ahead and watch a very different style of "thunder" than the norm done by Niki Skistimas from the band KrashKarma at the very bottom. (And realize you should never, ever try to mess with her during a show!).

And, in what we hope is a regular additional feature to the Friday Music Round-Up, be sure to check out the (I'll go ahead and begrudgingly say!exceptional music supplement from my colleague, Casey Glynn, by clicking here. With that, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and make sure to keep coming back to The Feed for all your viral (and music) video needs!