The Feed's Music Round-Up: totally late edition

(CBS News) So you might may have noticed something missing this past Friday: The Feed's Weekend Music Round-Up. (Gasp!) I know, I know... but don't fret quite yet, because we're just going to have turn in our assignment late to the teacher (or our audience) now for a lower grade. (But by no means lower quality music round-up.) Up first, we have a band you know and love with their latest above that will continue to flame your passion for their music: The Civil Wars!

The amazing music video for "Poison & Wine" combines sultry, folksy vocals with a tinge of regret and loss that plays out in both the music and visuals, and has you longing for a person, place or time gone by that can never be recaptured. (Or am I reading way too much into it?)

And next, we switch from love and loss to something much more upbeat with a cover of the Neon Trees' hit song "Everybody Talks" performed by Brandon & Savannah that will have you moving and grooving in no time. Click play on the video above to get the party started!

For our focus on visual artistry along with a truly solid sound, we have a new music video from Kid Francescoli with Julia Minkin for their song "Blow Up" directed by Hawaii & Smith. There's mystery, suspense, love... oh, and great music, too! Take it all in the slick video below.

Finally, we like book ends to a great music round-up, we started with a major musical group and are going to end with another... but with a bit of a twist. (Actually, it's more of a prance.) Take in the lyric music video for John Mayer's song "Paper Doll" starring the woman who took the Internet by storm recently with her "Prancercise" exercise series, Joanna Rohrback, at the bottom. 

And with that, I hope everyone is having a really great week so far, and as always, please make sure to keep coming back to The Feed for all of your viral (and music) video needs!