Weekend Music Round-Up: keeping it fresh edition

(CBS News) One of the conflicts I run into having the Weekend Music Round-Up come out late in the week is some items just don't feel as fresh by the time Friday rolls around. To give an idea, while I had planned on highlighting a band I've enjoyed from the moment I first saw them play in an upbeat stop-motion music video, I called an audible at the last moment to "keep things fresh." (Don't worry, this quarterback feels confident on the switch!) So check out the uplifting and soothing sounds of Churchill in their new music video for the song "The War Within" above.

Continuing with this theme of "keeping it fresh" this week, our lesser-known artist or amateur performance second item this week comes in the form of a U.S. Army soldier by the name of Paul Ieti who has managed to impress us all here at The Feed with his caught-on-camera, candid cover of the song "Stay" by Rihanna featuring Mikky Ekko. Click play on the (somewhat sadly, vertical) video below from YouTube user stevesharry to start sharing in that same sentiment.

Our request item this week is a cover of a band we covered so much that The Feed almost became a tribute and fan site for them. But seeing as this is a request from one of our fans, and happens to be an excellent and unique rendition, we simply couldn't refuse. (It may have also been done on the "day of our daughter's wedding.") So without further ado, check out the awesome a cappella stylings of Oliver Age 24 performing Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" below.

Up next for our focus on the visual and auditory, while we highlighted an excellent mix of the two earlier, that doesn't mean we don't have something excellent up our sleeves for you. (Because we totally do!) Blending together a minimalist style with a song that hooks, check out the music video for Lou Marco's "Don't Care" directed by Jubar & Baudry and produced by Le Groupuscule.

And for our big finale, we're going to push our lesser known, amateur and a cappella performance representation level over the 50% threshold with a wonderfully fun rendition of Solomon Linda's classic "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" performed a cappella by Rob ChapmanNatassja SalibaRabea Massaad and Hannah Boulton at... well, a car park, in our last music (parking!) spot below. 

With that final note, I hope you all have a really wonderful upcoming weekend, and make sure to keep coming back to The Feed for all of your viral (and music) video needs!