The Feed's Friday Music Round-Up: Superior supplemental edition

(CBS News) Thank God it's Friday and welcome to The Feed's (superior!) Supplemental Friday Music Round-Up, because there's too much great music in the world for just one post. Our first video is a collaborative effort between the artists you may know as bizarro Mickey Mouse and the musician who made the song playing when Marissa shoots Ryan's brother on the O.C. (Mmmm Whatch Say?) But shame on you if so, because they're both amazing and so much more. That's right, it's Deadmau5 and Imogen Heap, together at last!

"Telemiscommunications" is a beautiful song, great video and all-around cool concept. In the animation you follow one half of a conversation between lovers, separated by distance, one of whom is trapped in a purgatory Dante wouldn't dare tread: waiting at an airport. I've read before that hearing one half of phone conversations eventually drives us insane and possibly ushers in the end of mankind (something like that, I skimmed), but it's Friday so you can handle it.

Our request item this week comes from songwriter and producer Kalen Lister, who teamed up with non-profit organization Girls Inc. to create an awesome and empowering anthem for the group that will definitely fill your inspiration quota for the week. The song is called "I Am Me (Strong, Smart, & Bold)" and it's performed by participants of the Girls Inc. NYC chapter  The organization website says the group helps girls "navigate gender, economic, and social barriers" and discover an interest in STEM subjects, among other equally wonderful things. And, hey, Michelle Obama was appointed as national honorary chair of their board of directors, so maybe the FLOTUS will call you to hang out and talk about the video. Maybe you'll even get the chance to meet Bo! (I mean the first dog, obviously). Thanks so much for the wonderful submission, Kalen!

And you've seen one "Suit & Tie" cover today, so why not another? This stunning acoustic cover by the lovely Tori Kelly really drives home just how high Justin Timberlake's falsetto goes in the original. I don't know if Kelly currently has a record deal, but if she doesn't, she should. She has my endorsement as a crime reporter and occasional viral video curation contributor. And Kelly is apparently going on tour soon, so definitely be sure to check her out when comes to your town!

That's all for this week, but be sure to check out my colleague Will Goodman's original Friday Music Round-Up for even more great - though, not quite as good as mine - music videos.