The Feed's Friday Music Round-Up: Old-made-new edition

(CBS News) If the day starts with "F" and ends with "y" that can mean only one thing (no, Funday doesn't really exist...yet): it's time for The Feed's Friday Music Round-Up. Up first is a brand-new group on the scene by the name of the New Kids On The Block! Wait, what's that? They're not actually new? They were huge in the 80's and 90's? Mark Wahlberg was in the group?? Well, uh... ignore everything I just wrote, but do check out their awesome new music video above.

I'd say the New Kids On The Block are... well, back on the (music superstar) block with this really great mixture of upbeat, fun and very funny music video for their song "Remix (I Like The)".

And since we're kicking it old-school-made-new, there happens to be another music icon back on the scene recently: Justin Timberlake! And while chances are that you've probably caught his music video for "Suit & Tie" already, you haven't seen a really amazing cover by Mike Tompkins and George Watsky, which just so happens to be our next item on the music round-up.

And my colleague and occasional contributor, Casey Glynn, will also be featuring a cover of Justin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie" in her supplemental (cough, code for lesser, cough) edition later today. (Just kidding there, Casey!). Alright, moving right along, our creative and visual spotlight this week goes to the band Rufus for the simply stunning (I can't emphasize that adjective enough on this one!) music video for their equally epic song "Take Me" directed by Katzki below.

Finally, our offbeat, different or otherwise musical item is a toe-tapping piece of work that was submitted directly to us by Sneaky Zebrawho has been featured here on The Feed a few times now. Watch some comic book antics and dancing "like nobody's watching" (though everyone actually is watching) with "The Harley Shake" at the bottom. 

And as you probably realize by now (so I sadly can't say "Surprise!" anymore), we have a supplemental edition from my colleague, Casey Glynn, to add diversity ("the spice of life" I've heard) to your musical enjoyment. With that, I hope you all have a wonderful upcoming weekend and make sure to keep coming back to The Feed for all your viral (and music) video needs!