The Feed: Wrap up of the week's best viral videos

(CBS News) It's Friday. The weekend is almost here. Soon you'll be out on the town, maybe having a drink with friends, and then, BAM! it will happen. "Hey, did you see that video... ?" Your heart stops. Your hands begin to shake. Panic sets in because you haven't seen that video. You could try and fake it, but it's useless. They'll know. But alas, you don't have to be that person, not this weekend. No, this weekend your answer will be a resounding "Yeah, it was totally awesome." Why? Because you clicked on our wrap-up above and got caught up on all the vital viral videos from the week. Phew!

It's been an inspiring week. Empowered Georgia Tech sophomore Nicholas S. Selby took YouTube, and some incoming freshman, by storm withthis epic convocation speech -- complete with it's own theme music.

Wedding photographer and YouTube user WeddingMan123 thought he'd get a little creative with a couples' wedding video -- shooting with a quadcopter. But, as you'll see here, it turned out to be more of a pain than it was worth.

The shysters over at Public Prank take a trip to Venice Beach with a super-glued bottle, and pull this hilarious gag that brings even the strongest men to their knees.

Funny or Die engages Steve Martin and Kermit the Frog in a little friendly competition inthis video that tugs at both the heart and the banjo strings.

And, YouTuber Ben Garvin sacrificed his beautiful bushy beard to create a visually stunning and thoroughly entertaining stop-motion video.

Can't get enough? Good, 'cause we've got plenty more for ya, right here on The Feed.

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