Super glued bottle cap prank

(CBS News) Keeping with today's trend of naughty (but funny) pranksters, here's another clever prank pulled by Public Prank involving super glue, bottle caps and some very stubborn men. Can you guess what it is? Check out the video above to see if you guessed the right trick.

Public Prank member D.J. Sennett and his buddies frustrate the living daylights out of random strangers by handing them a bottle -- which has the cap super glued on -- and asking them to open it for them. And let me tell you, these guys who they ask are super, super determined, just like that glue they're battling. They really want to open these bottles, especially when it comes from a pretty girl complaining about how parched she is. And I must admit, watching everyone struggle so hard is pretty funny.

And one especially muscley guy figured the prank out, asking if it was a trick and if the cap had been super glued, and eventually locating the camera. Foiled! Make sure to watch to the very end of the video which features out-takes of Public Prank plotting their ruse, in addition to some impressive people who managed to actually get the cap off -- much to the obvious surprise of the pranksters.