The Feed: JFK's Emergency Landing (Video)

Feed: JFK Emergency Landing Caught on Tape

A miracle landing was caught on tape.

A passenger took dramatic cell phone video of a Delta Airlines flight making an emergency landing at New York's JFK airport.

One of the plane's landing gears malfunctioned and sparks flew from the plane's wing as it dragged along the tarmac.

Amazingly, no one was hurt.

A battle of words on CBS' "Face the Nation."

Last week, former President Bill Clinton said the Tea Party Movement was funded by large donations from secret benefactors.

This Sunday, chief strategist for the Tea Party Express, Sal Russo, fought back.

Nadya Suleman, the so-called "Octomom," is running out of money to feed her 14 kids.

So, she held a garage sale. An autographed nursing bra went for $20 bucks.

And, in China, a dangerous, but amazing natural phenomena.

Giant waves from the ocean are funneled into the mouth of the Qiantang River, creating what is known as a tidal bore.

Over 150,000 turned out to watch the event, which in the past has killed dozens of spectators.