The F-22 pilots who talked: Why they did it

Breaking your chain of command to appear on 60 Minutes -- in uniform -- is no small matter. Here's what it took for two Air Force pilots to tell their story to the world

It's not news that there's something wrong with the F-22.

Even the Air Force acknowledges that there's a problem with the pilots' oxygen system in their top fighter jet, having grounded the entire F-22 fleet back in May of 2011 over the issue.

What is news, however, is the appearance of two decorated F-22 pilots -- in uniform-- talking to Lesley Stahl on camera about their personal experiences, frustrations, and concerns with the aircraft.

Not surprisingly, getting Major Jeremy Gordon and Captain Josh Wilson to appear this week on 60 Minutes broadcast was no easy task. In this video, Lesley Stahl and veteran producer Karen Sughrue tell Overtime editor Ann Silvio about the pilots' decision to go public.

What do you think of Major Gordon and Captain Wilson? Did they do the right thing by breaking chain of command when they granted an interview to 60 Minutes? Or should they have kept their concerns about the F-22 jet inside the military loop?

And what about the Air Force? Should it ground the F-22 until this problem is solved or keep asking pilots to fly it while the search for a solution continues?