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The "Everything is Awesome" performance at the Oscars was...awesome

Revenge isn't best served cold. It's best served awesome.

"The Lego Movie" may have been (inexcusably, unexplainably, unforgivably) snubbed in the best animated feature category, but the movie still left its mark on the Academy Awards, with an awesome, everything-and-the-LEGO-cowboys-too performance.

Since the movie's theme song, "Everything Is Awesome," did earn a nomination in the best original song category, Tegan and Sara and The Lonely Island got to take the stage and perform amid dancing construction workers, astronauts, and at least one giant furry critter.

Plus, there were a few special cameos. Like Will Arnett as Batman.

Yes, that really was Arnett under that LEGO batsuit! He voiced him in the movie -- and will voice him again in a spinoff -- but we weren't expecting him to be jamming on the guitar tonight, so that was a nice surprise. Ditto to Questlove dressed as his Robin.

But the most awesome of awesome appearance goes to Oprah in the crowd accepting her LEGO Oscar.

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