The Biscuit that Wins Business

cookiesflickr.jpgAt last, the true secret to clinching a deal. It's all in the biscuits, according to 'the world's first business biscuit study' by Holiday Inn.

Here's all you need to know to wow them in the boardroom.

Most susceptible to good biccies: Lawyers.

Top 5 business-winning biscuits

  1. Chocolate Digestives
  2. Shortbread
  3. Hob Nobs
  4. Jammie Dodgers
  5. Bourbons
Some bis-etiquette:
Two biscuits per person is polite.

Don't dunk.

Beware 'crumbly' biscuits: they'll put your potential investor right off.

(For the perfect cuppa, you'll need George Orwell's 11 rules of tea-making.)

Board chairs take note: surely the Combined Code should be amended to reflect this important information.

Image: D3 San Francisco (CC 2.0)