"The Apprentice" Will Make a Early Arrival

Donald Trump made his way onto the 2010 Forbes' List of Most Powerful Celebrities at number 33. Here Donald Trump is seen on NBC's "The Celebrity Apprentice."
NBC/Ali Goldstein
A revised edition of "The Apprentice" is premiering as part of NBC's fall lineup. NBC made the announcement Thursday, saying that the earlier-than-expected launch for this non-celebrity "Apprentice" was made to give the comedy "Love Bites" more development time.

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On the show, 16 contestants who have lost their jobs because of the economic crisis will compete for a job with the Trump Organization, with host Donald Trump calling the shots.

"The Apprentice" will air Thursdays at 10 p.m. Eastern time, the slot originally pegged for "Love Bites," a new romantic comedy anthology. NBC says "Love Bites," which continues in development, will debut later in the season.

"The Celebrity Apprentice" will return next spring.