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"The Amazing Race" teams give body-building a whirl

Ernie and Cindy practice body-building poses with an instructor CBS

(CBS) Could it be any more embarrassing? Or frustrating?

In a race leg that took them through three countries on Sunday night, the five teams still competing in "The Amazing Race" were put on stage, whirled to the point of nausea in a Legoland ride and stripped nearly bare for a body-building demonstration. (SPOILER)

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Married couple Amani and Marcus were the first to reach the pit stop at Park Elisabeth in Brussels, Belgium, and won a trip to Panama.

Who came in last? And was that team eliminated? We'll have to wait until next week to find that out. Sunday's episode ended after the former NFL player and his wife met host Phil Keoghan, was given the prize and then handed another clue as the race continued without a rest at the pit stop.

The leg began in Copenhagen, took teams to Hamburg in Germany and ended in Brussels. The first task required one team member to learn a short poem and recite it - with appropriate gestures - on stage. Several contestants needed a second try.

The second challenge required teams to put together a Lego puzzle while whirling on a Legoland ride. Barf buckets, anyone?

But the most embarrassing of all - in fact, it might just be the most embarrassing challenge in all of "The Amazing Race" - required teams to don bikinis and Speedos, oil their bodies and perform a series of body-building poses until they could earn a score of 12 or higher from the judges.

This is where engaged couple Ernie and Cindy and married farmers Cathi and Bill blew their early leads. In fact, Cathi and Bill, the oldest team in the race, could be so far behind that they arrive last at the pit stop.

But we won't know until next week.

Tell us what you think about this episode, take our poll on who will win, watch next week and return here for more commentary.

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