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The Amazing Race

We begin in Kuwait this week. David and Mary are first to depart because they were the first to arrive because of the fast forward. Teams must now fly to the island of Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean.

Rob and Kim tried to weasel flight information off David and Mary but since they have been mean to just about everyone — especially David and Mary — they don't help them. Call it karma, Rob and Kim.

Dustin and Candice have a minor dust up with Lyn and Karlyn. Dustin and Kandice buy tickets for Tyler and James when they are last in line.

That means Lyn and Karlyn are NOT having it because technically they were waiting in line before them. I can see how Lyn and Karlyn would be angry. You have to respect that they were waiting before you and the poor ticket agent has no clue what is going on. Needless to say, everyone got tickets for the flight, so all the arguing and hand waving really ended up being useless — but darn good TV, so wave on people wave on!

Moving on. When teams get to Mauritius, they must hop in their car and drive to grand baie where a life-size version of a ship that's in their car is waiting with their next clue. Once teams reach the ship, they must then swim out to it to retrieve their next clue. The swim is actually a lot farther than it looks, and everyone seems to get tired by the end of it. Rob and Kim, and Dustin and Kandice are the first teams on the boat. Despite David AND Mary's fear of water, they swam to the boat and back barely complaining. This is why you like this team — they have a big heart and really try their best no matter what.

Rob has another meltdown when he can't get his car into gear and storms out of the car, but as usual he returns to the car in a few seconds.

Unfortunately, their car must be replaced and they get no bonus time for the wait for their replacement car. Ah, love! Dustin and Candice hit a truck on their way and crush the front of their matchbox car.

After the post office stop to get their next clue, it's detour time.

Detour: SALT teams must drive to a salt mine and search among the salt for a salt shaker. SEA teams must walk to the dock, take a boat to a small island and use a treasure map to locate the boat's mast and sail, then they must attach them and sail back to shore. I would think SALT would be easier than following a treasure map, but Dustin and Candice seem to think differently and go to SEA.

After you see the huge pile of salt they have to dig through, maybe sea sounds easier but every person who attempted salt had no luck and moved on to sea! But Dustin and Kandice seem to be having trouble with the map, also. Dustin and Kandice finally figure out the map and are off to the pit stop.

Team No. 1 at the pit stop is Dustin and Kandice. They win motor scooters. Tyler and James are next followed by Rob and Kim, Erwin and Godwin, Lyn and Karlyn, and finally David and Mary who are saved again since this is a non elimination round. They are lucky!

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