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The Amazing Race

Peter and Sarah start the race because they came in first in the last leg. All teams must fly to Kuwait and go to the Kuwait Towers.

Despite everyone starting at different times, everyone somehow manages to get on the same flight.

Lyn and Karlyn and Erwin and Godwin seemed to form a pretty air-tight alliance with each other — which is surprising because they are both in the bottom half of the teams, so you would think they would want to make an alliance with someone higher up in the teams to help them. But I guess they have a different plan.

After the flight to Kuwait, they all must take numbers at the top of the Kuwait Towers and that is the order that they will pick a member of the team to climb 610 feet up the tower get a bag of puzzle pieces, climb down and then solve the puzzle.

Meanwhile the team in last place, David and Mary, chose to take the fast forward thanks to Erwin and Godwin helping them out to get the fast forward by faking to the other teams they wanted the fast forward also. It worked, and David and Mary were off to a simulated oil fire where they had to retrieve their final clue in the fire. Within a few minutes they are at the pit stop in first place and winning a trip to Jamaica. From last to first, good for them!

The puzzle seems to be causing some problems and their next clue is written on top of the puzzle once it's solved. The problem is it's not in English so after they solve it they must find a local to then translate. Lyn and Karlyn aggressively tell one local not to help Dustin and Kandice. They even go as far as to almost shove the poor man away from the girls. Poor sportsmanship and karma will get them. When you read below, you will see that's true.

Meanwhile it's detour time. The teams can either fill 10 110-pound bags of camel feed or go to a camel racing club and use a voice-activated jockey to race their camel. It seems the automatic jockey race is quicker but most teams pick the camel feed.

All this time, Peter and Sarah are very, very lost. I honestly don't have much sympathy for them. Peter is not a nice guy.

After all the drama, and meanies Lyn and Karlyn trying to mess them up, Dustin and Kandice come in second place! Yeah, go beauty queens! And a shocking surprise that powerhouse team Peter and Sarah come in LAST and get eliminated! And then, if that wasn't enough, they proceed to basically break up with each other on the finish line mat. Geez! I wasn't that fond of this team, so I'm not shedding a tear over that loss.

Till next time ...