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The Amazing Race

I think I need to write CBS a letter because, for the second time, I tuned into "Amazing Race" and "60 Minutes" was still on until 8:30 p.m., so I won't be able to tell you who got voted off or came in last because my TiVo only recorded till 9 p.m. Foiled again by CBS.

Onto the show. We begin the race with the teams traveling to India. First they must travel by train to Hanoi. Rob and Kimberly are leading the pack, followed by Peter and Sarah.

Erwin and Godwin try to psych out the other teams on the train by pretending to use a fake cell phone to book travel but Peter ends ups using a local's real cell phone to make a reservation, so it looks like Erwin and Godwin's trick played themselves. Everyone seems to be getting on the plane that gets into India at noon the next day.

The problem was that the tickets must be bought at a travel agency NOT the airport. Rob and Kimberley, Tyler and James, Erwin and Godwin all happened to get on the flight that gets in at 9 a.m.. The problem was the once David and Mary, and Lyn and Karlyn found out about the earlier flight at the airport, they had to go back to the travel agency to re-book the flight. The travel agent could only book them confirmed seats to Delhi, then they would have to be on standby, so they take the risk.

It's a big one and I am not sure a big risk like that is going to pay off.

Once in Delhi, Peter and Sarah, and Dustin and Kandice get earlier flights into India. Peter seems to be rubbing everyone the wrong way especially the girls because he takes it upon himself to look at the girls' tickets to see them getting on an earlier flight. Weird and annoying to everyone.

David and Mary get the losing end of the bargain on the chance they took with the flights. Lyn and Karlyn get seats but David and Mary do not. There were no seats left by the time they got to the desk. That's the thing about this show — sometimes a big gamble like that can pay off and other times it can put you in last place. Luckily, they get on the next flight that gets in at 10 a.m. Geez, by this point I feel like half of this show has been spent in the airport and travel agencies! Let's do more challenges out of the airport.

Once in India, teams must travel by bus to Mammallapuram and find a craft shop to get their next clue. Peter and Sarah are neck and neck with Dustin and Candice. Peter and Sarah tried to ask their taxi driver for directions but the beauty queens wouldn't let him tell them — drama!

Roadblock. Wild Thing — teams must make their way to a crocodile park and help a wrangler secure and transport a large croc. Wild Rice — teams must chose an outline of a traditional design and fill the columns with rice colored powder to match the picture.

Dustin and Kandice get a flat tire on their way to the crocs and it seems to make Peter happy to pass them. He is a bit of a bad sport. Both teams seem to breeze through the croc roadblock.

Unfortunately this is when my TiVo shut off and I'm ready to break my TV. But through my sources I did find out that Peter and Sarah came in first place while Dustin and Kandice took second place. David and Mary came in last, but it was a non-elimination round. Normally they would have to give up all of their money, but not this season! This time their penalty is if they do not come in first place in the next round they will have a 30 minute penalty where other teams can pass them.

Sorry about the TiVo but I swear it's not my fault. Next week I am making sure to tape from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. just in case!

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