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...The Ads Keep On Coming

If our last post didn't sate your appetite for campaign ads, don't worry: There are three more ads out today. One of them, from the Obama campaign, has not been sent around to the national press, though CBS News has confirmed that the spot has begun airing. (No word on where.) Time has the transcript of the spot, which opens with John McCain "it's over for the special interests." Then an announcer chimes in:

"Wait a second," the announcer says. "John McCain's chief adviser lobbies for oil companies even from Russia and China. His campaign manager lobbies for corporations outsourcing American jobs. The campaign chairman he picked last year — a bank lobbyist. If seven of McCain's top advisers are lobbyists, who do you think will run his White House? John McCain. We just can't afford more of the same."

The Republican National Committee, meanwhile, has a new radio spot out called "Change Or More Of The Same?," which suggests the McCain/Palin ticket represents real change. You can listen to the spot, will air in New Hampshire, here. The script:

Barack Obama? In three short years in the Senate, Obama requested nearly a billion dollars in earmarks. Nearly one billion dollars. That's over a million dollars for each day he's been in Washington, D.C. And Joe Biden? Biden has been requesting earmarks for decades. John McCain – Never requested an earmark. Barack Obama – One billion dollars in earmark requests. You decide… Who represents change?
Planned Parenthood has a new spot out saying McCain is "twisting the facts" on Obama's position on sex-ed in this ad. Watch it:

And here's a bonus spot for you: The liberal blog Daily Kos says an anti-Sarah Palin ad called "Brutal" has begun airing in Ohio. Watch the Defenders Of Wildlife Action Fund spot here. From the script: "As Alaska governor, Sarah Palin actively promotes the brutal and unethical aerial hunting of wolves and other wildlife...Do we really want a Vice President who champions such savagery?"

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