Texas Church Arson Arrests; Feds Charge Two Men, But Are They Linked to All Ten Fires?

(AP/Smith County Sheriff Department)
(AP/Smith County Sheriff Department)
TYLER, Texas (CBS/AP) Two men have been arrested in connection with one of ten church arson fires in east Texas since the start of the year, and DNA evidence links one of the suspects to the blaze, federal authorities say.

Photo: Daniel George McAllister, charged with arson in an east Texas church fire authorities believe was intentionally set.

Jason Robert Bourque, 19, and Daniel George McAllister, 21 were charged Sunday with one count of felony arson for the torching of a church in rural Smith County, near Tyler, about 90 miles east of Dallas.

Officials declined to say which suspect produced the positive DNA match.

Photo: Jason Robert Bourque, 19, of Lindale, Texas, charged with one count of felony arson.

If convicted, Bourque and McAllister could face life in prison. Bond is set at $10 million apiece.

A spokesman for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives seems to suggest more charges are coming in the two-month arson spree. "Because they are charged with one doesn't mean they're not going to be charged with some of the others," he said.

A telephone hot line established during the series of church fires provided a tip that implied one of the suspects was involved.

No one has been injured in any of the 10 fires.

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