Chaos erupts between riot police and migrants

Tension at the Hungarian border 01:32

CROATIA -- European leaders have called an emergency summit next week to solve the migrant crisis that is out of control.

Every day, thousands are pouring into Europe. Many have fled the civil war in Syria. They want to settle in Germany, but Hungary won't let them pass through. And now, even the Germans may be having second thoughts about offering refuge to all.

Hungarian riot police charged into the crowd, tensions boiling over, after days of trying to keep the migrants out.

Those caught in the stampede scrambled to get out of the way. A young mother sought help for her baby, eyes swollen from tear gas.

The little girl was struggling to breathe. CBS News is told the baby will be okay.

Unlike Hungary's brutal crackdown, neighboring Croatia promised safe passage.

But even with that goodwill, it was quickly overwhelmed. 9,000 migrants crossed in less than 24 hours.

A baby cries as migrants board a bus in Tovarnik, Croatia, September 17, 2015. The European Union's migration chief Dimitris Avromopoulos rebuked Hungary on Thursday for its tough handling of a flood of refugees as asylum seekers thwarted by a new Hungarian border fence and repelled by riot police poured into Croatia, spreading the strain. Antonio Bronic/Reuters

Every time a bus arrives, the migrants rush to get on it. The riot police are trying to maintain some order, but the migrants are desperate to move on.

Adding to the chaos, police insisted that women and children be separated from the men, even if that meant splitting up families.

Once again the migrants route ahead is unclear, and out of their control.