Tesla rolls out first mass-market electric SUV

Behind Tesla's new crossover electric SUV 02:59

The first mass-market electric SUV is finally hitting the road.

Tesla Motors unveiled its unique Model X with "falcon wing" doors Tuesday night, and the first six customers received their keys in California.

While TESLA CEO Elon Musk said he "got a little carried away with the X" and would simplify the design if he had the chance to start over, reviews so far have been positive.

CNET editor-at-large Tim Stevens was one of the first to test-drive the new SUV, and discussed some of its special features on "CBS This Morning."

"It weighs almost as much as an Escalade but it's about as fast as a Corvette and it's a pretty impressive combination to do all those things," Stevens said. "The acceleration is really, really impressive. The handling is good too."

The car also boasts family-friendly features, including a seating capacity of seven and self-opening doors with ultrasonic sensors.

One drawback is its hefty cost. Right now, only the signature models are available, starting from $132,000. Lower-cost models will be available next year for between $80,000 and $85,000.

Model X may also not be the best for long road trips, with a range of 250 miles. But Tesla has stations across the country, where you could charge the vehicle up to 80 percent in just 30 minutes.

"It's a big deal because Tesla ultimately needs to move a little bit more mass market," Stevens said. "This is a more generally [appealing] car, it's something that would work better for families nonetheless."