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Teens invade Brooklyn home, charged with burglary and sexual assault

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(CBS) NEW YORK - Authorities say four teens tied up a couple, ransacked their Brooklyn home and took turns sexually assaulting the woman.

The New York Daily News reports while one thief went to get cash with stolen ATM cards, the other three teens repeatedly forced the 22-year-old victim to perform oral sex, prosecutors said.

The four teens are accused of bursting into an apartment on Jan. 30 wearing ski masks and brandishing a gun. They bound the woman and a 24-year-old man and left an hour later with laptops, cell phones, cash and credit cards, police said.

Their female victim was tied up in the bedroom and when she refused the sexual demands, "the defendant threatened to shoot her," Assistant District Attorney Wilfredo Cotto said in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

She was then sodomized and fondled numerous times, the criminal complaint charged.

"The defendants are known members of the Brower gang," Cotto said.

Dezhuan Samuels, 18, Derrin Dyson and Christopher Scott, both 17, reportedly confessed and were ordered held without bail. All were charged with burglary and Samuels and Scott were hit with sexual abuse counts. The youngest of the four teens was only 13 and will be processed in Family Court.

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