Teen Swaps Cell Phone, Winds Up with Porsche

Steven Ortiz, like any other teenager, was very excited when it came to getting a new car. However, after getting his driver's license, Ortiz is now behind the wheel of a Porsche he can call his own. The best part is? Ortiz never had to pay a penny for his sweet new ride!

Thanks to the age-old art of bartering, Ortiz has somehow managed to trade his cell phone for the luxury car.

Websites to Help You Barter Better

The Glendora, Calif. teen says he began the incredible trading journey on CraigsList when he found someone who was willing to trade him for his cell phone.

Ortiz swapped it for a better model, then an iPod, which he bartered for a bike. After that, he upgraded to another bike, which he then swapped for a laptop.

Two years, two motorcycles, and four cars later, after a total of 14 trades, Ortiz got the keys to his Porsche.

The sputtering economy has resulted in online trading skyrocketing in the past few years, with people being resourceful and making the best out of their situations to get what they need.

Ortiz has kept an incredibly open mind, and plans to upgrade again soon. For him, it is an open road in the real and virtual world.

Craig'sList says bartering posts are up 180 percent on the site in the last three years.

While most people aren't lucky enough to swap for a Porsche, it's amazing what a little ingenuity can sometimes get you.