Ted Williams' Happy Reunion with His Mom

Ted and Julia Williams

CBS News correspondent Seth Doane continues the saga of a man who's gone from down and out to sitting on top of the World Wide Web.

The casual moment captured between pan handler and passing motorist has turned Ted Williams from a homeless man with a golden voice into a national sensation.

Since Monday, he's received more than 13 million hits on YouTube, and job offers including the Cleveland Cavaliers. There's talk of movie deals, new homes, and trips to Hawaii.

But for Ted, there's one opportunity that tops them all.

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Yesterday Ted said "I'm looking forward to coming to New York City - to see my mom for the first time in 20 years!"

On "The Early Show" this morning his mother said, "God has answered my prayer. I prayed that he could, that I would live to see this time that he would do well."

This afternoon, that moment came when Williams and his mother were reunited in front of cameras for "The Early Show."

Greeting his mother, Williams said, "Hi Mommy. Hi Mommy, Hi Mommy."

He was proud to tell his mom that he finally got a job. "I just did a commercial for Kraft I'm the official voice for Kraft macaroni and cheese."

But even in this emotional moment, he couldn't resist playing announcer. "All I said was New Kraft macaroni and cheese dinner made with ya know dahahah."

But fame, has brought focus on his checkered and criminal past. He has felonies ranging from theft to forgery to escaping a correctional facility.

What will all this attention do to a man who's battled drugs and alcohol and fathered nine children?

Now that his life has gone viral, the world is now hping the man with the golden voice doesn't blow this golden opportunity.

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